Fever dreams ep




Poison Coats, the brain child of Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Trey Hawkins, began the most daunting way possible – alone.

Hawkins recorded the Fever Dreams EP at The Cottage Recording Co. in Atlanta, Georgia. Although he remained the sole constant member, the band’s sound was informed by the talents of a revolving crew of musicians, both onstage and in the studio.

Drawing from a rich diversity of musical elements and styles, Fever Dreams explores a variety of themes united by human nature and condition: greed, loneliness, self-doubt, the elusive nature of happiness, and the mysteries of spirituality.

Poison Coats looks forward to a bright and busy future. In terms of a live presence, Hawkins plans to maintain the model of a “Swiss Army” band: performing both as a solo act and a full band.


Vocals, Guitar / Trey Hawkins